Daniel Phillips - Google
Linux Kernel Hacker
Speaking Topic: Zumastor Linux Storage Server

Daniel Phillips is a Linux Kernel hacker who specializes in filesystem, virtual memory and storage work. He is the designer and original implementer of the HTree directory indexing system, now a standard feature of Linux's Ext3 filesystem, and was involved in architecting the virtual memory subsystem for Linux 2.6. Daniel's system programming career stretches back more than thirty years, beginning with mainframe development on an IBM 360 and later, systems development on the IBM PC starting on the day it was introduced. Daniel joined the Linux community in 1998 with a widely acclaimed design for the tree-structured filesystem Tux4, never released to the public, but inspiring the design of Reiser 4 filesystem. Daniel's recent work has focused on virtual block devices for cluster snapshot and cluster raid.

Presentation will cover:
  • Design and implementation of the Zumastor Linux Storage Appliance
  • New volume snapshot functionality integrated with remote replication and volume backup
  • Integration with Kerberized NFS and Samba
  • Performance analysis
  • Implications of enterprise level functionality operating on commodity hardware, implemented entirely with open source software.
  • How Kerberized NFS v3 works in a corporate environment
  • Traces the progress of the project from initial design papers through skunkworks project to fully functional systems available today under the GPL license.
  • Future work
Presentation Slides: OpenOffice

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