E-Waste Recyling and Disposal at SCALE 5x

Southern California Linux Expo and Ease E-Waste have partnered to offer free e-waste disposal at SCALE 5x, the 2007 Southern California Linux Expo.

Location: Westin LAX Hotel (Loading Docks)
Dates: Feb 10-11, 2007
Hours: 10am - 3pm

Attendees may bring any amount of e-waste for drop off at no cost. Appropriate devices include but are not limited to: PC Monitors (CRT or LCDs), computers, televisions, and other obsolete electronics. The only exception is oversized items such as refrigerators.

For more information call +1.877.831.2569 Ext 110

More information on our recyling provider Ease-E-Waste is available on their website.

Protect the environment by ensuring that your unused equipment is properly disposed of. In the state of California it is a crime to improperly dispose of electronic equipment in a landfill. Fines can reach up to $25,000 per offense. Don't get caught, bring your equipment to SCALE 5x for free recycling and disposal.

Items Accepted

Computers, monitors and televisions, copiers, fax machines, servers, printers, phone systems, cell phones, non lead-acid batteries, home stereo equipment, and virtually anything considered office or consumer electronics.

Items Not Accepted

Items not accepted include: all forms of kitchen or home appliances, such as blenders, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, and other non-computer related items, such as oil, paint and acetone, fluorescent tubes, lead-acid batteries or any other hazardous waste material

Drop Off Location

E-waste can be dropped off at the Westin LAX Hotel loading docks. To get there, take the side street that runs adjacent to Century Blvd. Please note, this is a one-way street and you will need to go around the block to get back to the hotel parking lot.

e-waste map
(Larger PDF map) (Satellite View - Google Maps)