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An Ideal Tool for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
Do you have vertical market software? Are you upgrading your software product? Servoy has a compelling business story for you. With Servoy you can develop 10 times faster than .Net, Java, VB and other 4GLs. Your apps are Java based and can be connected to ANY SQL backend, your app is SaaS (Software as a Service) ready out of the box and can be deployed as RIA (Rich Internet Apps) AND Web Client from the same code-base. Whatever database your customers are using, you can deploy your application on it. Of course, Servoy runs on Linux (and any other OS for that matter.)

Rewrite 10x faster Standards Based Connect to Any SQL DatabasCross Platform
Servoy is a standards-based environment that enables you to design, develop and deploy applications up to 10x faster than with other IDE's currently on the market with a point and click interface. Servoy can connect to any SQL database and runs on any operating system, including Linux. Servoy applications can be deployed both as Smart Client applications and as Web Client applications using AJAX technology - all from a single code-base.

Servoy is The Future for ISVs
Servoy provides you with an easy and flexible way to integrate SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Web Services and SaaS (Software as a Service) into your applications. You, too, can increase your revenue with new deployment models and help to "future proof" your applications. We offer special packages and promotions to help ISVs ensure a smooth transition. Ask about it today.

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