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The League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) is an independent New Jersey nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to advance the practice of system administration; to support, recognize, educate, and encourage its practitioners; and to serve the public through education and outreach on system administration issues.

LOPSA membership benefits fall into two classes. The first involves support of you as a member and a sysadmin. LOPSA is working to provide educational and networking opportunities, a forum for support and ideas, and an active community engaged in discussion of sysadmin issues.

The second benefit of joining LOPSA is to advance the profession as a whole. LOPSA aims to bring a voice to system administrators to society beyond. We want to educate the public, influence policy both corporate and legislative, and ensure that our voice is heard. We will reach this goal with outreach, research into sysadmin issues, and active efforts to expose the media and public to our viewpoints.

Join LOPSA today to advance yourself in the profession of system administration, and to advance the profession as a whole!

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Visit website for more information: http://www.lopsa.org/