Youth Contributing


I have been contributing to open source since I was fourteen years old. Sometimes young people can feel afraid to find a welcoming community, but, how can they start contributing? Lots of people see it as a hard, time-demanding thing, but do not know how it works or what you will finally be involved with.

It usually sounds simple to go and fix some bugs, but maybe you need a hand, and you don't know who to contact, or where to go. Or, you may want to do less coding, but don't know how to help without knowing how to write a line of code. If it's your first contact with an open source community, you're unsure about helping in a community or if you're already in but would like to hear some tips, I'll speak from my personal experience as a young person. I have been a contributor to the Ubuntu community since I was fourteen years old, and balancing it with school has also been a bit hard, but it's manageable. Come around and check how I did, maybe it's your turn to give back to open source.

Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:30