What's the Value of a Pull Request?


Your community just as important as your code — without a community, you have no open source project. It’s a given that you don’t ignore your community, but how do you nurture a pull request into a user group organizer, a core code contributor, or a dedicated evangelist?  

Drawing on my 5 years of community building and MongoDB’s recently released Developer Advocacy Kit, I go through the different key components of nurturing a community member who’s just volunteering their free time. 

For user group organizers: I cover identifying potential leaders, providing initial next steps, and mentoring when things are going well - or aren’t. 

For code contributors, I go through the importance of having clear open processes on review, feedback, and (this is key) recognition.

For evangelists, I cover how to project-manage speakers and bloggers by aligning your goals with theirs.

Los Angeles C
Friday, February 21, 2014 - 15:00 to 16:00