The Ubuntu Community; Why You Should Join


The Ubuntu Linux operating system is a system that is growing every year. Because of this, the community surrounding it is ever changing as well. The amount of people who call themselves part of the Ubuntu community is increasing all the time, and this is enhancing the amount of people who are able to both contribute to and use the operating system, through their efforts as an active and hard working community. My talk will discuss the Ubuntu community, what different parts there are, and then how somebody can join the community.


I will go over the different areas of the Ubuntu community





  Fixing Bugs







I will then explain the structure of the Ubuntu community, how it works well with Canonical and how this allows people to benefit from the relationship that both share together. I am also willing to help people get started after the lecture on the part of the community they want to join, and send them the right links as well. I plan to stay and help as long as is needed.

Los Angeles B
Friday, February 21, 2014 - 11:00 to 12:00