Securing Your System 101



     Students at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles will demonstrate basic processes to harden Linux OS. As society becomes increasingly immersed in information technology on a vast array of networks, sensitive data stored as digital files are at risk of being exposed to hackers. Our computer systems must be protected from unintended and unauthorized access. In a lesson on how to secure Linux OS, the next generation will present solutions for today’s 21st century challenges. 
     At the start of the 2013-2014 academic year, the students of Roosevelt High School joined the premier cyber defense competition. The Cyber Patriot program was established by the Air Force Association and has an ongoing partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District. At Roosevelt High School, the objective of the program is to reinforce an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), with an emphasis on technology and the emerging field of cyber security.
     Based on experiential learning, students acquire the technical skills to prevent vulnerabilities on computer and network systems running on various operating systems, including Linux. The goal of the competition is to secure a myriad of OS images to eliminate threats efficiently and effectively. In a team effort, each member identify the irregularities, discuss possible solutions, and apply corresponding strategies to increase security.  Each round of the competition is strictly timed and regulated to meet specific requirements aligned with ethical hacking.
    At the Twelfth Annual Southern California Linux Expo, the students of Roosevelt High School plan to increase awareness of cyber security in theory and practice by demonstrating the following procedures: editing configuration files such as SSH with VIM, maintaining protective account policies, closing ports, deciphering hidden messages, loading virtual operating systems, and enforcing ethical policies. The presentation will feature exclusively open-source applications as they are reliable resources on par with industry standards and accessible to all students. Instructional resources that can be freely used, distributed, and modified are paramount to the advancement of education in public schools. With open-source tools, students create their own learning experience whilst communicating and collaborating with peers and instructors, improving academic achievement.
    Cyber security is a burgeoning career path for the next generation as information technology infrastructure expands and security breaches pervade the virtual world.  The demand for this specialized expertise spans across a multitude of industries and include numerous industry roles such as information security analyst, computer systems analyst, network administrators, to name a few. The opportunity to present at SCALE will further prepare the next generation of technological leaders to compete globally.


Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 16:30 to 17:30