SaltStack Training


Everybody knows and loves SaltStack for configuration management simplicity and flexibility, but there's much more to the Salt platform. Get started with SaltStack for infrastructure automation with this introduction to the power of SaltStack remote execution for building clouds and managing enterprise data center environments. Running commands in parallel everywhere, real-time pushing and pulling, and targeting systems in compound ways at break-neck speeds. Remote execution is the heart of Salt.

This class will also cover:


  • Salt Reactor: Event-driven infrastructure automation and autoscaling.
  • Salt Cloud: Public cloud orchestration used to manage Salt minions in cloud environments.
  • Salt Virt: A cloud and virtualization controller used for creating, destroying and managing virtual instances and environments.
  • Salt Proxy Minion: Software-defined network automation.

    REQUIREMENTS: Requires familiarity with SaltStack concepts and usage typical to someone who has previously used SaltStack or other similar tools. If you wish to try your new-found Salt skills in class, please bring your laptop and we will provide an image of a SaltStack environment with the latest installation files. We will make VMplayer, VirtualBox and Raw images available to run on your laptop.

San Lorenzo F
Sunday, February 23, 2014 - 11:30 to 16:30