OpenStack, Deploy thyself - TripleO


Infrastructure as a Service puts an API in front of Storage, Compute, and Network resources so that users can automate according to their IT needs. OpenStack is the fastest growing IaaS solution around. Built on top of the Linux operating system and licensed using the Apache license, OpenStack is growing at a rapid pace. In order to deploy it, one needs to manage Storage, Compute, and Network resources... So why don't we use OpenStack to Deploy... OpenStack? Well, WE DO! The "TripleO" project, which stands for "OpenStack on OpenStack" is in progress, and an official program of OpenStack.

The current status of the official "OpenStack Deployment" program is "functional". We deploy OpenStack from trunk directly, with an aim at creating several developer-usable clouds that run the latest commit of all OpenStack components. This smallish cloud will also be consumed by OpenStack's CI infrastructure, both as an expansion of capabilities beyond the two current public cloud providers, and also as a way to exercise the software as much as possible.

The presentation will at least cover the following general topics:

  • Our philosophy on scaling from a few nodes to 10's of thousands
  • Data about where TripleO is deployed now
  • Future plans for TripleO
  • Details about features and limitations
  • Information on how to contribute to, and how to consume TripleO
Sunday, February 23, 2014 - 11:30 to 12:30