OpenShift PaaS Anywhere


Adding a PaaS to your Infrastructure had never been easier than with OpenShift, the Red Hat-sponsored Platform as a Service project.

In this session, we'll:


  • Define PaaS and review it's benefits
  • Learn about what PaaS brings to the table that other automation approaches don't
  • Take a peek at the future of PaaS with Docker, Solum, and other initiatives

    We'll also show you how to find everything you need to get started in our index of community cartridges & quickstarts:

    Learn how to set up OpenShift on your Infrastructure - whether it is cloudy, bare-metal, OpenStack, RHEL, Fedora, or now even on CentOS-based. Deploy and configure your platform using our Puppet-based oo-installer, OpenStact Heat templates, or even using Ansible (in 15 minutes or less)!

Century AB
Friday, February 21, 2014 - 16:00 to 16:45