MariaDB: Viable MySQL replacement


MariaDB is now three years old and we've made 5 major GA releases of the popular database software. With many Linux distributions taking the path to replace MySQL with MariaDB, it can be said that it is 2013 that MariaDB has arrived (so a little longer than split).


With MariaDB, you have many new features that you can utilize to take your database usage to the next level. This isn't a run thru of them, but common features that benefit production DBAs.



* How to use subqueries with MariaDB as it materialises them

* Get closed-source features open now: PAM authentication for everyone

* How the threadpool benefits your short running web-based queries

* Why is group commit in the binary log helpful to you?

* How can you make your queries faster using the non-blocking client library? How do you integrate this with Node.js?

* How full-text search works alongside Sphinx

* About GIS functionality, and how we are at OpenGIS specifications

* Integration with a Cassandra cluster

* NoSQL inside of MariaDB

* Embedding using the LGPL C/Java connectors


The session will be packed with practical examples on why MariaDB is amazing and the feature-set that is currently larger than MySQL. Documentation at the Knowledgebase is fine & dandy, but practical solutions is what is presented here.

Los Angeles B
Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:30