Internet-in-a-Box: Resources for the unconnected world


The Internet-in-a-Box is a small, inexpensive device which provides essential Internet resources without any Internet connection.

It provides a local copy of a terabyte of the world's Free information. Content includes Wikipedia in 37 languages, 40,000 e-books, world-wide maps down to street level, 5,000 educational videos, and a repository of much of the world's open source software.

We have trial deployments in a dozen schools across half a dozen countries around the world, from Haiti to Kiribati.  This Open Source project is being developed by volunteers in southern California. We are working with schools and communities worldwide.

Our software is written in Python under Linux.  We are building Linux NAS-based network appliances, as well as providing the software and dataset for installation on other Linux servers, including One Laptop Per Child deployments.  Extensive data processing is involved to make features like maps and search possible on very low end hardware.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:30