Git and Make: not just for code


Two of the most common programming tools are way too useful to be left to the programmers. We'll cover how to use the Git version control system and the Make utility to get more accurate and faster results on a variety of common tasks.

Edit files in Markdown format, while you collaborate with users who run Microsoft Word--you can have diffs, while they can use their "DOCX" format and "Track Changes" functionality.

 "Win" National Novel Writing Month with the help of  Git hooks--a handy way to set up programs to assist you with word count and spelling.

Do double-entry accounting for a small business, and generate financial statements in HTML.

Keep your files consistent across multiple in-house and/or cloud servers, even if all servers are accepting a push at the same time.

And you don't have to keep typing "make" -- we'll cover a simple way to re-run your task when anything changes, and have the result automatically refresh in your browser.

Sunday, February 23, 2014 - 15:00 to 16:00