Cylon.js: The JavaScript Evolution Of Open Source Robotics


The robotics revolution has already begun. You can buy drones and robotic devices at local retail stores. It is easy to see how web connected hardware such as robotics and the “Internet of Things” are coming as the “next big thing”. Unfortunately, it has been hard to develop code for robots, and nearly impossible to create solutions that integrate multiple different kind of devices. Simply put, the software has not kept up with the hardware.


That is why we have introduced Cylon.js: a JavaScript framework for robotics and physical computing based on Node.js, that can communicate with many different kinds of hardware devices, and integrate them together. With surprisingly few lines of code, you can write interesting applications that tie together Arduinos, ARDrones, Spheros, and more… even all at the same time!


The confluence of open source software with open source hardware has resulted in the beginning of what could be a new renaissance in computing. The time has come for this next generation of open source robotics, and Cylon.js can help lead the way!

Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 16:30 to 17:30