Automating CloudStack configuration and deployment using SaltStack


With scale comes complexity. CloudStack and SaltStack are no strangers to either. SaltStack provides scalable and secure orchestration to automate as many elements of CloudStack configuration and deployment job as possible. In this tutorial, Tom will walk through the use of various SaltStack components to simplify CloudStack management. He will dive into Salt formulas and state files for CloudStack configuration and show how the Salt remote execution capabilities provide a full management stack for CloudStack environments. Tom will also share various lesser-known Salt tips, tricks and best practices gained through real-world implementations and practical experience.


Tom is the creator and principal architect of SaltStack. His years of experience as principle cloud architect for Beyond Oblivion, software engineer for Applied Signal Technology, and systems admin for provided real-world insight into requirements of the modern data center not met by existing tools. Tom’s knowledge and hands-on experience with dozens of new and old infrastructure management technologies helped to established the vision for Salt. Today, Tom is one of the most active contributors in the open-source community and Salt has been recognized for its innovation by organizations like Gartner, InfoWorld, GigaOm and dozens of others.

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 14:30 to 15:30