January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel


Deepak Murthy

MySQL to PostgreSQL migration

Every one in the industry is looking for change from one database to another, there are many different solutions to migrate MySQL to PostgreSQL database, mysql2psql Ruby gem is one of the open source software, that is simple and does successful migration. It provides various options and a simple solution to migrate a MySQL database to  PostgreSQL database. In this session I will demonstrate step by step MySQL database migration to PostgreSQL database (small database). Note I am not part of the development team of this this software, I am demonstrating to show the benefits of this software and also this session is intended to for small and medium sized database Outcome of the session the audience would be able to do a MySQL to PostgreSQL migration on their own with no difficulty. 


Joseph Conway

PostgreSQL Functions By Example


One of the key strengths of PostgreSQL is its extensability, and at the core of that are functions. In PostgreSQL functions can be used as an end in-and-of themselves, or they can be used to allow the creation of other custom SQL objects such as operators and aggregates.

This presentation will enlighten the audience on the vast array of capabilities embodied in PostgreSQL functions, and illustrate many of the key features through relatively simple examples.


Jim Mlodgenski

Scaling PostgreSQL Queries with Stado

Stado provides a powerful and flexible analytical environment allowing users to process large amounts of data using a shared-nothing, massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture with PostgreSQL and PostGIS. Data is automatically partitioned across multiple nodes and each node processes its subset of data allowing queries to be distributed across the cluster and run in parallel. This fully open source architecture allows database performance to scale linearly as servers are added to the cluster while appearing as a single database to applications.This presentation will demonstrate the 10-20x scalability and performance gains of PostgreSQL queries running in a Stado environment compared to a single PostgreSQL instance. Some intensive PostGIS queries will be the basis for the discussion. We will dig into how Stado plans a query capable of spanning multiple PostgreSQL servers and executes across those nodes using the Tiger data set as an example.


Christophe Pettus

PostgreSQL Performance When It's Not Your Job

More than ever, developers are being asked (or told) to do database adminstration as part of their job, but are not given the time or the tools to develop the full set of database adminstration skills.

We feel your pain.

In this whirlwind talk, we'll go over what you can do to improve PostgreSQL's performance, taking the hardware you are given as a constant.  We'll talk about parameters, monitoring, schema design, along with special considerations for highly virtualized environments such as AWS.

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