January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Reinventing Linux loopback device for clouds

Kir Kolyshkin, Maxim Patlasov


One of the feature differences between hypervisors and containers is the ability to store a virtual machine image in a single file, since most containers exist as a chroot within the host OS rather than as fully independent entities. However, the ability to save and restore state in a machine image file is invaluable in managing virtual machine lifecycles in the data centre. This talk will début a new loopback device which gives all the advantages of virtual machine images by storing the container in a file while preserving the benefits of sharing significant portions with the host OS. We will compare and contrast the technology with the traditional loopback device and LVM, and describe a few features of a new loopback useful in container snapshotting and live migration. This talk will be technical in nature but should be accessible to people interested in cloud, virtualisation and container technologies.

Presentation Slides: