January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Modern Memcached

Alan Kasindorf


Memcached has long been a simplistic temporary key/value store, used by Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and many others. However in recent years a new protocol was designed, allowing much potential. Even more recently the project has picked up pace and continues to push the performance barrier. We will quickly cover new features of memcached by showing use cases for improved usage. This talk will start with a short overview of memcached, but you should come prepared with basic knowledge to get the most out of it. - Learn the benefits of the binary protocol. You've perhaps heard about it, but not enough about how awesome it is. - Find out about the 1.6 beta tree, currently used by MySQL and others. - Hear about new commands, features, and fixes for long standing issues. We push performance to 10gbps and beyond!