January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Installing Eucalyptus: Past, Present, and Future

David Kavanagh


From the start, Eucalyptus has been installed using a set of instructions that walked the user through various options, from distro to hypervisor to network mode. While there is still value in that for the ultimate flexibility, there are other ways to get Eucalyptus installed. FastStart is one such technology. It uses a set of simplifying assumptions to create a POC installer. For those who want to not only provision Eucalyptus, but handle ongoing configuration management, Puppet offers a nice set of features. We've developed a set of scripts to provision your Eucalyptus infrastructure. Finally, a new project we're running fully in front of the community is called Silvereye. Simply, this project provides a simple single media install solution whereby the first node is bootstrapped from a DVD and the remaining nodes are installed over the network. We have great plans for where this will lead.

Presentation Slides: