January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

CANCELLED - Deep Packet Inspection Using Wireshark

Paul Bokor


 Sometimes  tools like PING and Traceroute aren’t enough to isolate the cause of network problems.

This class will take a hands-on approach to learning how to use the Wireshark protocol analyzer to analyze network traffic. Numerous examples will be used throughout the day to walk the attendees though the process of filtering out those packets that are working well and drilling down to those that are at the root of the problem.

Attendees will be provided with a CD containing open source network troubleshooting tools, as well as the trace files used in the class. Laptops are required

 Course Outline:

  •  Installing and Configuring Wireshark

  •  Using Display Filters

  •  Using Capture Filters

  •  Isolating the cause of slow data transfers

  •  Running Wireshark from the command-line

  •  Building a capture to disk appliance

 Who Should Attend:

  •  Network Administrators

  •  Network Analysts

  •  Server Administrators

  •  Desktop Administrators

  •  Network Managers


Note: This class is part of the SCALE University Program and requires an additional fee. Please remember to select the "SCALE University" addon at registration.

Presentation Slides: