January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

All You Wanted to Know About Working with the Media (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Joe Brockmeier


Whether you're an individual developer, working with an open source project, or working with a business that is involved in open source, odds are you could benefit from working well with the media. In this talk, I'll give an overview of what tech press do, what we look to cover, and how you can work with the media (or become the media) to benefit yourself, your project, and/or your company.

The presentation will cover:

  • What tech press are looking for.
  • How to develop positive relationships with press.
  • How to write effective announcements/releases.
  • Making corrections.
  • Having a press- (and user-) friendly site.
  • The secrets of working with the press.