January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Aeolus - Clouds Flying in Assembly

Richard Su


As clouds become commonplace, there is a need to manage virtual instances across a great variety of clouds and cloud-like environments. The tools that Aeolus provides both ease the burden of managing large numbers of clouds, as well as ensure that cloud consumers can use large numbers of clouds to avoid getting locked into the offering of any single provider. Besides managing virtual machines in various clouds, a cross-cloud broker like Aeolus needs to be able to build images for these clouds from a single specification, track which images have been converted and uploaded into what cloud, as well as automate image updates. To further simplify the management of complicated cloud uses, Aeolus makes it possible to describe multi-instance applications like three-tier web applications as one unit, from image definition to upload and launch into target clouds. The main components of Aeolus are Conductor, the application that users and administrators interact with, Composer, an application and tools for building and managing images, and Orchestrator, tooling for treating groups of virtual machines as one application. This talk will provide a detailed overview of Aeolus' capabilities, and serve as an introduction to the use of Aeolus to solve real world problems.