Heather Meeker

General Partner
OSS Capital

Heather Meeker is a General Partner at OSS Capital, an early stage venture capital fund specializing in commercial open source development. She is also a partner at Tech Law Partners, LLP, a law firm focused on technology transactions.

She is an internationally-known specialist in open source software licensing. She is the primary drafter of many widely-used licenses, including Elastic 2.0, and served on the core drafting team for Mozilla Public License 2.0 and the PolyForm licenses. Her book Open Source for Business, now in its third edition, is a definitive handbook for lawyers, engineers, and businesspersons on open source licensing in business. Her Technology Licensing: A Primer, is a widely used handbook for technology licensing specialists. Her upcoming book, From Project to Profit, due in 2023, is a handbook for structuring commercial open source software businesses.

For more information, see www.heathermeeker.com/about-me