Workshop: Unleashed Community Data Analysis


Are you a community manager looking for insights into your community using open source tools? Are you a data scientist looking to build custom visualizations in Python or with the Dash framework? This workshop is for you! Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office’s data science team will walk you through a two part workshop. 

In the first part, you’ll set up your own Augur database to collect Github data on the projects you care about. Then, you’ll learn how to connect an 8Knot Dash dashboard tool to a pre-populated Augur database to see a fully functional dashboard. Finally, we’ll introduce our methodology for conceptualizing your own figures and metrics for communities. In the second part of the workshop,  we will work together to build a new Plotly visualization using data from Augur and the 8Knot dashboard visualization template. 

The first part of the workshop has no Python proficiency requirement, and can be viewed as its own complete workshop. Part two has some technical requirements, listed below. Participants have the choice to work on their local machine (installs needed below) or a supplied cloud workspace. If they plan on working in the cloud workspace, we would greatly appreciate it if they would email so that we have a headcount.



 Requirements for all participants: 

  • A personal laptop
  • Moderate Git proficiency 
  • Familiarity working with shell (will be using SSH to connect to EC2 instances)

Requirement for part 2: 

  • Moderate proficiency in Python
  • Python IDE installed (recommend VScode)
  • If would like to work on your local machine: Python 3.10, Docker, Docker Compose 


Links needed for workshop:

Room 107
Friday, March 10, 2023 - 10:00 to 17:00