Workshop: GitOps - Collaborating at Organizational Scale


GitOps. What is this trendy term everyone suddenly cares about?

In this workshop, Leigh and Eddie will show why GitOps is changing the industry.

GitOps is a modern way of working, involving team and organizational habits.


We’ll start with a short presentation on the origin and principles of GitOps. Where did it come from, and why? We’ll go over the ecosystem of tools practitioners are currently using and then start the hands-on portion.


The hands-on will focus on Flux and show how GitHub can be used between multiple people to contribute to a shared environment.


Expect to learn about:

 - Bootstrapping your Cluster's Configuration

 - Declarative Rollout of Dependencies

 - Repo Organization

 - Team Delegation / Dropping Privileges

 - RBAC, Tracing, & Debugging

 - Pull Workflows + Webhooks

 - Notifications & Developer UX

 - Release Engineering Strategies


We’ll end this session showing the more advanced capabilities:

 - Progressive Delivery (Flagger)

 - Virtual Clusters (vcluster)


Teams can enjoy a high level of operational clarity and maturity when they successfully adopt GitOps habits.


GitOps is the fundamental other half of using Kubernetes as a team.


Expect to leave this workshop with the confidence to go all in and change the way you work.


Room 106
Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 14:00 to 17:00