Slaying the Kubernetes Inner Loop Development complexity


It is no secret that Kubernetes, in particular app dev, is extremely complex, cumbersome and intimidating even for those who work with it on a daily basis. Now, imagine being a developer who is new to Kubernetes and needs to push their applications to a Kubernetes service. Unless devs start embracing tool chains/platforms (not involving a paradigm shift) that make it easier, the inner loop will seem complex and a tough nut to crack.
In this session based around, we will build a ToDo app with an opinionated inner loop using open source tools such as Jib, gitpod, Quarkus, Lens, etc. that involves only making slight adjustments to existing tool chains that developers are already comfortable with. These tools offer a great developer experience especially on Kubernetes and attendees can follow along as long as they have access to a browser.
The session will start from scratch and you will learn how to hook up the Quarkus app to AstraDB, containerize it and end up packaging it as a native app, all from gitpod - a cloud-based IDE and deploying it with Lens.
After attending this session/workshop you will better understand the challenges of inner loop development on Kubernetes and how to mitigate them without making a complete paradigm shift.
You’ll Learn:
How to work with Kubernetes as an app developer Creating a simplified inner loop that you can adopt for daily use Most importantly, no need to master kubectl :-)

Ballroom H
Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 11:30 to 12:30