Life of a Postgres DevOps DBA


Postgres is one of the most loved and popular databases based on the StackOverflow Developer Survey 2022. Based on that survey Postgres has been most popular and loved databases consistently for the many years, the respondents are in the tens of thousands. 

Database Administrators have been around for a long time, their primary responsibilities have been managing database management systems. Their responsibilities usually range from installation, configuration, database architecture, design, optimization and support. Like many roles in IT, DBA’s have been an integral part of IT and application development. As Information Technology practices have evolved, DevOps has become a wildly popular method for building, deploying, updating and maintaining software, especially for cloud applications. Properly applied, DevOps can speed up software release cycles, decrease error and automate routine aspects of software development. 

The integration of DBA’s into the DevOps methodology has led to the increase of skills within the traditional DBA skills. DevOps methodology and practices has started a new era for DBAs. 

Join us to learn: How DevOps and DBAs resulted in the role of DevOps DBA and understand a DBAs life in this new world of DevOps.

We will discuss the following in this session:


  • Traditional DBAs day to day life

  • Evolution of DBA’s role in the DevOps world.

  • Tips/Tricks you could use on new Platforms

  • Introduction to CNP (CloudNative PG)

  • Managing, maintaining, and tuning Postgres on K8s

  • And more…

Ballroom A
Friday, March 10, 2023 - 11:00 to 12:00