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From LAMP Stack to Kube - Moving Your Old Websites into the Cloud Without Leaving Chemical Trails


The LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl stack was the internet model for so many years. But now everything is 'cloud this' or 'Kubernetes that'.  But how do you move from LAMP to this new medium, how do the various 'tinker toys' work together, and what tricks does an 'old dog' need to learn to accomplish all this? Kubernetes may seem like a Rubik's Cube but there is some method in it's madness that have made it popular.  So if Kubernetes is in your future but you do not know where to start then you should probably be in this presentation. You will see exactly what you need to do to move from LAMP to Kube, why you have to do those steps, and how to use your new containerized enviroment.

Ballroom G
Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 13:30 to 14:30