Introduction to the U-Boot bootloader


U-Boot is the universal bootloader used on a vast majority of embedded systems, development kits, products and so on. This session is an introduction into the U-Boot bootloader, including a hands-on part, and covers practical topics like identifying that the board is running U-Boot, accessing and exploring the U-Boot shell, including advanced scripting techniques to make life easier, obtaining information about the current hardware, accessing buses and storage and finally booting the kernel. Furthermore, since every embedded project has it’s unique set of requirements, U-Boot customization topics are briefly touched at the end of the session. 


Please bring your Laptop to the Class. A USB-A connector is needed to power the development system.  Linux Laptops preferred (it will be easier). You will also need to purchase the hardware for the course by selecting the Embedded Hardware addon during registration.

Room 211
Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 13:00 to 15:00