Intro to Instrumentation


Tech Used: 

Hosted GKE that attendees will connect to with openTelemetry Collector and Jaeger running.
Sample application provided in either Ruby or Python 



  • Internet connection so students can locally clone the repository, connect to the cluster, and download the openTelemetry SDKs.



* Who/What/Where/When/Why of openTelemetry
* Demystifying observability terms (telemetry, instrumentation, cardinality, percentile, observability)

* Nuts and Bolts of Instrumentation

* Tour of the Sample App 

* Automatic instrumentation with openTelemetry

* Explore OOTB response time metric on charts 

* Manually add a label to the metric and review new facets to query by

* Explore an OOTB trace 

* Manually instrument and add a span and review new level of visibility


* Discussion - when do you think instrumenting with metrics is a good fit vs spans? How do you think each affects the monitoring components? (e.g. a metric with user_id will not scale well). 


Room 107
Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 14:00 to 17:00