How OLTP to OLAP Archival Demystified


Popular open-source databases are designed to handle specific workloads; hence there's no silver bullet. But taking advantage of time-series data with the columnar data store is possible. OLTP databases such as Postgres, MariaDB, and MySQL can handle a variety of workloads as long as they are within the limits of smaller transactional operations and data sizes. 

Having these databases as the source and OLTP databases being the destination to support an organization's analytics needs has become a standard operation as the data has grown more significant over the past two decades. In this talk, we will demonstrate a possible solution to carry over the time-series data part of the OLTP database to a columnar store for performance and efficiency. We've been working on multiple projects to put together a solution that will change the way of keeping OLTP databases slim, efficient, and performing while taking advantage of a database that's designed to handle a massive amount of data with fantastic performance gains and results. 


Ballroom C
Friday, March 10, 2023 - 11:00 to 12:00