Gateway API: The new Kubernetes Ingress that Unifies Load Balancing and Network Configs


The Ingress API is the predecessor to the Gateway API. The legacy Ingress in Kubernetes has been limiting in the past, which led to custom implementations and inconsistencies. 


The Kubernetes Gateway API was introduced as a superset of the Ingress API.

With the graduation of the Kubernetes Gateway API to beta (July 2022),  the Gateway API is ready for prime time. We’ll discuss the use case for the Gateway API, focus on the 3 main APIs (GatewayClass, Gateway, HTTPRoute) and show a simple demo on how to use the Gateway API and how the setup enables role-oriented behaviors enabling better collaboration between platform admins in Ops and service owners in Dev.




Cloud professionals have taken on operations for traditional and modern networks supporting virtual, cloud and container workloads. This session is suitable for cloud professionals that are responsible for virtual, cloud and container networking and have an interest in open source container networking.

Benefit to the Ecosystem


Networking is the glue that binds the traditional to the modern networks. Starting with SDN that accelerated software-based network services to be provisioned onto existing spine-leaf networking, networking plays a critical role in providing the common connectivity between virtual to cloud to container workloads. With the evolution to cloud native, this session aims to help cloud professionals become the change agents to help their organizations whether enterprise or service providers undergoing network transformation.

Audience Engagement


Kubernetes Networking has a vibrant ecosystem of open source projects like Container Networking Interface (CNI), Kubernetes Gateway API project. We are contributors ourselves and the projects are always looking for more people to become involved. 

Ballroom H
Friday, March 10, 2023 - 16:15 to 17:15