Everyone Should Own Their Data


What if I told you that starting a server could be cheap and easy to setup and you didn't need a degree or certification. This can be done on a small server at home, or on a VPS.  After many innovations in the software and technology, the process has been simplified and made financially efficient for anyone to self-host their service at their own home or small office. With the rise of private services that are impeding on our privacy has driven us to find other means of storing our data. Companies like Google and Apple are making it hard for us to trust them, such as scanning our photos, emails, and files. The wait is over and now you can take advantage and learn how and feel comfortable in hosting your own data. Over time, software has made its way to be easily deployed. docker has been the most popular way of distributing software on servers. With docker being supported on multiple platforms and architectures, this has brought self-hosting to many devices such as raspberry pi's, laptops, home pc's and can work with other docker containers at the same time so you can have multiple services on a single server. In this session, we will discuss ways you can self-host with minimal work so everyone can achieve this skill. We will also discuss why this is something that should be taken seriously and how anyone that is not in the tech field can still participate. I will elaborate on how I was able to learn and integrate that knowledge into aiming at self-sufficiency with my data. I will demonstrate on a small scale on the simplicity of how self-hosting can be and explain the tools to get it done.

Room 106
Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 16:30 to 17:30