Declutter your performance metrics to supercharge your web page


Today, modern APMs provide great visibility into application / web page performance, however, with limited time and resources it can be confusing as to which metric(s) will provide the best results for a business and its customers.  We will share an approach to help cut through “paralysis through analysis” and choose the most important metrics and their optimal thresholds to achieve organizational results.

 In our talk we will discuss two problems:

  1. Which metric to choose?

  2. What threshold should you use to be actionable?

 We will share our approach with some examples and challenges that were encountered in our own organization’s ( quest to measure performance, and how leveraging “Web Vitals” helped.  We’ll also discuss how to choose additional signals that can help provide visibility into maintaining or improving the selected metric(s).  

 Once metric(s) is chosen, what is the appropriate threshold that will be organizationally actionable.  This approach can help provide some guidance on correlating performance to business metrics like bounced sessions, conversion rates, search engine rankings, etc. 


Room 107
Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 16:30 to 17:30