Cat-Shaped Hacker Hardware: How I Created an Open-Source Business at 18


Alex set out to kill the banality in "educational hardware platforms" when he created the Nugget: a cat-shaped console for cybersecurity and hardware beginners!  He wanted to create an interactive product that would make it fun to learn daunting topics like network security and USB hacking through a cute interface, while also offering utility for seasoned hackers & makers.

The Nugget has been the centerpiece of community workshops, allowing him to teach skills in hardware design, WiFi hacking, Python scripting, and more - and is also empowering beginners in the maker & hacker community through fun & free content.

In this talk, Alex discusses the challenges he faced in bringing a niche educational hardware platform to market, and talks about how he scaled this project into a successful business through open-source design.

Room 105
Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 15:00 to 16:00