SCALE 19x venue
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Los Angeles, CA
July 2022

Building SCaLE's Openwrt Conference WiFi


An opportunity to provide a glimpse into how the tech team manages, builds, and deploys Openwrt that SCaLE, itself, runs on. The team has gone to great lengths iterating on automation for a custom Openwrt image that works across numerous CPU architectures and AP hardware.

I'll cover the following topics:

  - Why does SCaLE use Openwrt to provide wifi for the conference?
  - How does scale build its Openwrt image and whats included in it? Why not just use vanilla Openwrt?  
  - The Openwrt image building process
  - The flashing of the image onto the actual hardware
  - Automated image testing for fast feedback
  - Results of this automation for how we iterate on changes to Openwrt for SCaLE
  - The mechanisms that enable controlling 100+ APs across the conference deployment

Saturday, July 30, 2022 - 11:30 to 12:30