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July 2022


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The addition of open source to the IEEE SA collaboration platform is a key milestone in the organization’s ongoing transformation and expansion into new business and industry sectors. IEEE SA OPEN is intended to bridge the gap between standards developers and other open technical communities to enable nimble and creative technical solutions. IEEE SA OPEN addresses common challenges faced by the open-source development community, such as lack of relevant engagement in projects, solution incompatibility, and complexity around intellectual property (IP) licensing.

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We are a team of passionate software engineers. We love to solve challenging problems efficiently. We have advised the Boards of some of the Largest Financial Institutions on all things Technology from Mainframes to Cloud Computing. We have evaluated companies and services like Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Century Link and several others. We believe everyone has Genius within them, it is just a question of finding it. We help you discover your Genius.

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itopia makes hybrid work easy for software teams by delivering containerized developer environments in a browser. Companies onboard developers fast and prevent exfiltration with precise security controls. Devs launch spaces with all their tools pre-installed and start coding in seconds.

The leading open source automation server, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.


KDE is an international team co-operating on development and distribution of Free, Open Source Software for desktop and portable computing. Our community has developed a wide variety of applications for communication, work, education and entertainment.

The League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) is a nonprofit corporation with members throughout the world. Our mission is to advance the practice of system administration; to support, recognize, educate, and encourage its practitioners; and to serve the public through education and outreach on system administration issues.

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Linode accelerates innovation by making cloud computing simple, accessible, and affordable to all. Founded in 2003, Linode helped pioneer the cloud computing industry and is today the largest independent open cloud provider in the world. Headquartered in Philadelphia's Old City, the company empowers more than a million developers, startups, and businesses across its global network of 11 data centers.

LinuxChix is many things to many people, but it primarily focuses on supporting women in computing, specifically in Open Source/Free Software/Software Libre computing. LinuxChix is a community that encourages participation by allowing the quieter voices a place to speak without being drowned out by a vocal minority by holding fast to the two core tenets within the LinuxChix community: "be polite" and "be helpful." The international community of LinuxChix has been active for over nine years and the Los Angeles chapter of LinuxChixLA was established in 2002.

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Linux Professional Institute is the global certification standard and career support organization for open source professionals. With more than 600,000 exams delivered, it's the world’s first and largest vendor-neutral Linux and open source certification body. LPI has certified professionals in over 180 countries, delivers exams in 9 languages, and has hundreds of training partners.