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Los Angeles, CA
July 2022

Paul Wilkinson

Professor of Computer Sciecne
Pasadena City College

Dr. Wilkinson completed undergraduate degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Physics, all with honors, within three and a half years of high school. Upon completion of these degrees, he immediate pursued a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics at the University of California at Riverside. As part of this degree, he participated in the development of a model of a parasite that invests almond orchards. This model, and the corresponding software which Dr. Wilkinson wrote, were presented, by invitation, to a NATO Conference on Modeling and Simulation.

After graduating with the Master of Science degree, Dr. Wilkinson went to work for a major government “think tank” developing software and mathematical models. He later went to work directly for the United States Navy as a project manager. Later, he became the senior civilian for one of the largest police departments in California.
Dr. Wilkinson earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Durham University in the UK.