Steven Wong, Guinevere Saenger, Ilan Rabinovitch, Michael Goodness
Audience: Everyone

What's it really like migrating to, and running, large installations of Kubernetes?  Several institutional users who depend on Kubernetes for their infrastructure will talk about it, sharing advantages, pitfalls, and experiences. This panel, which will include engineers and managers from Github, Datadog, Ticketmaster and others, will discuss their journeys to deploying Kubernetes.  They will be available to answer your questions about real production use.  Join us to learn more about what it will be like when you move to the container cloud.

Maik Außendorf
Audience: Everyone
Topic: SysAdmin

When all security measures have failed and you got hit by ransomware or any other form of attack, you might be lucky and be able to restore at least some of your data from a backup.
Bareos comes with a multi-lingual and multi-tenancy web ui including restore browser. It supports tapes, LTO hardware encryption, bandwidth limitation, cloud storage and has a Python plugin interface, among many other features.
The source code is available on Github and is licensed with AGPLv3. There are ready to use repositories for major Linux distributions, MacOS and Windows installer packages.

Fred Moyer
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Observability

Median, average, 90th, 99th percentile. We've all seen these metrics. This session will show three different approaches to correctly calculating latency SLOs, and how histograms can be used to calculate mathematically correct quantiles and set SLOs based on those.

Kyle Anderson
Audience: Everyone

This talk will look at how some of our most important abstraction layers (ethernet, tcp, vms, containers) have evolved, and critical moments when they changed. Specifically we will look at why some of these abstraction layers changed, looking at what critical design decision did not stand the test of time. Then we will look forward into the future, looking at Mesos and Kubernetes, to see how they fit into the bigger picture of the layers that we build.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: BoFs

Come and discuss any and all things related to FOSS graphics applications!

Desmond Mantle
Audience: Everyone

This presentation focuses on the practical ways in which open-source and free software can be used to protect our fundamental right to digital autonomy and introduces the audience to the development and use of tools such as Linux Tails, DuckDuckGo, OpenVPN, Tor, and USBKill. My personal experiences with these programs have taught me much about protecting my data. Free software has democratized digital privacy, and it is up to us to learn how to take advantage of that democratization and protect our one of our most important rights.

Ben Kuo
Audience: Everyone
Topic: HAM Radio

What do Linux, Raspberry Pi, RTLSDR, LAME, and other open source tools have
to do with responding and helping out before and after natural disasters? It
turns out, a lot. Learn how open source hardware and software, plus a little
bit of ham radio know how, can helped communities react and respond to
natural disasters including wild fires, hurricanes, floods, and more.

Will Rosecrans
Audience: Developer
Topic: Developer

Maybe "The UNIX-Haters Handbook" was right. The utilities that make up the "userland" we know and love for interacting with Linux and Unix systems are an odd mix of styles and idioms that have accumulated over the decades.  We all think we know them pretty well.  But when was the last time you looked at the man page for 'cat' or tried to see if 'cp' was really doing the right thing?  I decided to write my own useful-subset of common simple utilities as 'programming katas' to see how well I really understood them, and I found it an unexpectedly interesting experience.

Hunyue Yau
Audience: Developer
Topic: Embedded

This session takes a look at Machine learning from the prospective of an embedded engineer. It'll be a sampling of different open source Machine Learning options while navigating the jungle of terminology. It is based on an embedded engineer's efforts to use Machine Learning in an embedded context. Things touched on include SVMs, TensorFlow, Nueral networks ands its variants such as CNN and DNN. This journal will be guide by a few goals - locating software options for training and infering data from sensors.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: Sponsored

Come learn on how MariaDB frees companies from the costs, constraints and complexity of proprietary databases, enabling them to reinvest in what matters most – developing innovative, customer-facing applications rapidly. As part of the workshop we’ll go through key topics such as MariaDB’s newest features, high availability, security, and example topologies for scalability and disaster recovery. There will also be hands on activity leveraging some of our latest Docker images - make sure to come with Docker installed! Sponsored by MariaDB