Linux, Raspberry PI, RTLSDR, LAME, and Open Source: A Recipe For Responding To Natural Disasters


What do Linux, Raspberry Pi, RTLSDR, LAME, and other open source tools have
to do with responding and helping out before and after natural disasters? It
turns out, a lot. Learn how open source hardware and software, plus a little
bit of ham radio know how, can helped communities react and respond to
natural disasters including wild fires, hurricanes, floods, and more -- all
through bridging the gap between monitoring local radio channels (police,
fire, emergency, ham, and other radio frequencies), aircraft position
information (ADS-B) and the Internet.  We'll cover both the why's and how's
of putting together your own Raspberry Pi-based, open source system to help
your own local community tap into the power of the crowdsourcing and social
media emergency management.

Room 212
Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:00