Ubuntu and You


You love Ubuntu. We love Ubuntu. What can we do to share Ubuntu with everyone else? Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro, but how many of your friends are using it? How many even know what it is? Maybe we can change that. This sessions invites attendees to participate in an open discussion of ways we can expand the Ubuntu desktop user base. We want to encourage discussion of anything and everything related to growing Ubuntu's audience, including: - What reasons do you hear about why a person may not be able to switch to Ubuntu? - What apps are needed on Ubuntu? - How can we encourage software publishers to port apps to Ubuntu? - What are the pros and cons for small businesses to adopt Ubuntu? - What opportunities are there for Ubuntu in the classroom? - Anything else you feel can help share Ubuntu with the world. Bring your ideas, success stories, and enthusiasm for Ubuntu, roll up your sleeves and let's work it out. We'll take notes during this open-ended two-hour conversation. If we discover great ideas that could use Canonical's help to make happen, after UbuCon we'll submit them for consideration.

Ballroom A
Friday, March 8, 2019 - 16:00 to 17:00