VM (Vicky) Brasseur

Open Source Strategy Consultant

VM (ak Vicky) spent most of her 20 years in the tech industry leading software departments & teams, and providing technical management & leadership consulting for small and medium businesses. Now she leverages nearly 30 years of FOSS experience & a strong business background to advise companies about free/open source, technology, community, business, & the intersections between them.

She is the author of Forge Your Future with Open Source, the first book to detail how to contribute to free & open source software projects. The book is published by The Pragmatic Programmers & is now available in an early release beta version at https://fossforge.com.

Vicky is the proud winner of the Perl White Camel Award (2014) and the O’Reilly Open Source Award (2016). She's a moderator and author for opensource.com and a frequent and popular speaker at FOSS conferences and events. She frequently blog about free/open source, business, and tech management at http://anonymoushash.vmbrasseur.com.