You Can Save the World


We all want more contributors and more diversity in our projects. However, to be successful at keeping those new contributors, you’ll need to help your project transition its culture to something new. Imagine your project has 10 people and you bring in eight more people - maybe eight women, maybe eight college students, maybe eight artists. No matter how you feel about that, your project is going to be different. As you bring in those eight people, how are you going to introduce them? What new things will they bring? When they suggest something your community has never thought of, how will you react? You need to transition the old people to a new, larger culture.

Growing your project means eventually having to change its culture, and changing a culture that people are happy with is a challenge. You need to develop a sense of urgency, identify your allies, articulate your vision, create small wins and build it into the culture. Learn how to make these buzz words a reality through real examples - grow your community! 

Ballroom G
Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:30