M.A.G.A - Make Ansible Great Again


M.A.G.A - Make Ansible Great Again

Best practices for clean Ansible Development


Ansible is a Configuration Management System that provides straightforward and robust model for managing automation.  In this presentation, I describe a set of workflows we have developed that facilitate role development and deployment in a test driven fashion.  These workflows are based on years of experience working with both Ansible and OpenStack, and leverage a toolkit specifically developed for this purpose: Molecule[1].


Molecule provides the following:

  • Automated execution of Ansible roles/tasks/playbooks against multiple instances, operating system distributions, drivers, and virtualization providers.

  • Automated verification of roles with automated server validation frameworks.

  • Linting of playbooks and roles by community driven standards and tools.

  • Ability to compose multiple dependent roles/tasks into a meta-role for scenario based testing.

  • Integrates with self-managed, and hosted CI providers such as Jenkins, Travis CI, and CircleCI.


In this talk I will describe how Molecule[1] can be leveraged to write clean, generic, and reusable automation.


So what do you say?  Help Make Ansible Great Again.


[1] http://molecule.readthedocs.io/

Ballroom GH
Friday, March 3, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:15