Life hack like Watchdogs


The video game Watch Dogs has given the world a vision of hacking in such a bad way. However, many will be surprised at how most of  the world around you is becoming more and more interactive because the companies want you to connect. As a 14 year old coder I'll show you how the use of API's (Application Programmer Interfaces) are out there by the thousands and can be used to reach out and touch the things around you that you encounter every day. I'll be using Linux, Python, Django and a little bit of web know how to show you how I connect to the world like a video game. No knowledge of programming is needed just an open mind to the world around you and how cool it is. From kids to adults. From home to business. From housewife to CEO. This talk is for you. Trust me. Our powers will only be used for good.

Ballroom G
Sunday, March 5, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:30