Stillman Real Consulting LLC founder Gilbert Standen is the creator of orabuntu-lxc software. The goal of the orabuntu-lxc project was to establish the capability to run any Oracle Enterprise software on an Ubuntu kernel and host OS using Oracle Enterprise Linux LXC Containers and to do this with extensive automation. With the release of version 2.5 of orabuntu-lxc, this goal has been achieved. Oracle Enterprise software, such as for example Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) 12c GNS ASM Flex Clusters can now be run natively on an Ubuntu OS with NO hypervisor using LXC containers. This provides bare-metal performance from compute, storage and network, and deploys systems in minutes instead of hours or days. The orabuntu-lxc software is a high-performance, high-density, high-elasticity replacement for products such as VMWare and Virtualbox. Stillman Real Consulting LLC was founded in 2003 to provide general Oracle database consulting services. Services have been provided to a wide range of public and private entities for over 10 years. Stillman Real Consulting LLC orabuntu-lxc software is available for free at https://github.com/gstanden/orabuntu-lxc. Stillman Real Consulting vision and motto is "Any Oracle on Any Linux" and it is hoped that the software will be forked by other workers to other linuxes which support LXC, such as Gentoo, RedHat, and many others.