Why you can't find new grads with FOSS experience...


I've spent the past year talking to university instructors about teaching open source, and have spoken with many teachers who are interested in open source. Yet yet there are still very few courses in open source and few students exposed to open source as part of their degree program.


Why is that when FOSS is so important in software development?


We'll explore the factors that play into this dynamic, including:

* the difficulty of creating net new university courses,

* the changing nature of open source,

* instructors' lack of experience with open source,

* curriculum guidelines currently in place, and

* the lack of clear pathways for instructors to get involved in FOSS.


We'll also talk about what *is* currently being taught at most universities, and how open source might fit into that model. Finally, we'll discuss ways that open source communities can help. What can communities do to ensure that students graduating university are being taught the principles and development model of open source, as well as how to work in open source communities?

Room 104
Sunday, January 24, 2016 - 13:30 to 14:30