Tor in Haskell, or How To Write Programs For Unikernels


You did what, in what, why? In this talk, we’ll talk about Tor, Haskell, and unikernels, and why the technologies make for such a great combination. We’ll then look a little deeper, and walk through the design and construction process of such a project. Why is the first step in building a unikernel to not build a unikernel? Why is resource measurement so important? How the heck to you debug these things? Throughout, we’ll use our Tor implementation as our running example, providing some grounding for the proceedings. Code will be shown, and the pitfalls described. And, in the end, we’ll show how building unikernels isn’t actually all that much different from building anything else … if you take some simple precautions, don’t assume too much, and remember to do things the right way.

Room 211
Friday, January 22, 2016 - 13:00 to 13:45