Patterns and Practices for Open Source Project Success


There are two parts to the “success” of an open source software project: 

  • Deployment growth: One publishes software to see it used. As the software is used, it reflects the dynamic nature of software, and is used in new ways to solve new problems. This leads to the second part of the success formula -- contributions.
  • Contribution flow: A free or open source software project is at it’s simplest a discussion in software, and without contributions the conversation fades and fails. From a more complex community perspective, a FOSS project is about the economics of collaborative innovation and development. Without a continuous contribution flow, the dynamic aspect of a software project will become static and brittle and lose its relevancy.

There are three on ramps to be built to drive the success of an open source project: Bringing new users to the project, enabling developers, and encouraging contributors. This talk looks at how these on ramps can be organized to drive growth and adoption, and to grow a successful and vibrant community around an open source project. 

Room 106
Sunday, January 24, 2016 - 13:30 to 14:30